Wednesday, 6 August 2008

Wednesday 11pm

I have just returned to my hotel after being out with a group of friends.... well it was a family actually that I know here in Cebu... we really had a lot of fun. Some pics below.

I was also out with them last night too and that was very enjoyable also, tomorrow (thursday) I am going to their home on the outskirts of Cebu City for a meal,

Not much has happened over the past 2 days, just been dealing with this high blood pressure thingy... I stopped taking the tablets as they were making me feel worse than anything else, I felt great on Tuesday after stopping taking them, my BP monitor even registered all great readings.... 130/80. I got up this morning and all readings were 130/95... not so good. I visited the health centre here in the hotel, the nurse took 2 readings which both were 120/90 and she said that is normal.... I've read that over 90 is high.... but what do I know !!

Below is a really nice family, these are the nice girls of Cebu.

Mary Grace, Vina, aileen and airleen
3 sisters (1 x twins) and a cousin.

Airleen's son... I won't even
try to spell his name !!!!

I have had a really great time here in Cebu over the past few days... probably the best that I have ever had in the Phils.... so I will be sad to leave... but I am booked to go to Davao on Friday but I do return to Cebu on Monday. I had some bad news tonight, I was going to visit a resort about 3 hours outside of Cebu just to relax for a couple of days, it was owned by a really nice American guy and I was looking forward to meeting him but unfortunetly he died yesterday so the trip is cancelled as his resort is now closed..... you never know the minute.... the phrase that comes to mind is.... like a thief in the night.

I hope you and your family are well and in good health..........

Enjoy your wednesday................


Anonymous said...

Hi Gerard,

Glad you are enjoying yourself in CEBU, the pics are lovely.
Dont worry about the BP just keep taking the pills.
Sorry to hear about the death of your friend, was it Mindanao Bob?
I didnt realise that you were going back to Cebu will you be able to visit the same family.

Take care

Anne xxxxxxx

gerry said...

Hi Anne, thanks the people are lovely. The guy that died I had never met, he was an American that owned a resort that I was going to visit this week but now his resort is closed for obviousy reasons, he was a kind and interesting guy. No he was not Mindanao Bob, I am meeting him at 3pm Saturday (8am ur time).
I am returning to Cebu to meet the same family again on Monday and I hope to go to Hong Kong next weekend too !!