Sunday, 17 August 2008

Midnight Sunday

Well my blog is getting really boring as I'm not doing very much. I did go out today to the mall of Asia to visit the Imex centre but they didn't have any 3D movies to see so I gave it a miss.

Filipinos directions are the worst I have ever experienced in my life, it happens so so many times that it is really hard to argue with.

This morning I asked the lift boy is there any where else nearby where I could get a nice breakfast, he said go to the matrix which is on the corner, so obviously I go to the corner of the street, no sign of anything, I asked someone else and they pointed it out to me, it was on the corner ok..... the corner of the building opposite !!... this wasn't too bad as he was correct but different to what I expected.

Much worse is in the street, I ask "can you tell me where so and so is"... they reply yes it's over there... pointing with their finger.... remember I am in the middle of the business district of Makati with huge office buildings everywhere.... and they are pointing to buildings about 500yds away.... "where actually"...... over there still pointing with their finger....."eerrrr which building " I ask.... that one over there still pointing with their finger...... "the one with the sign that says...." I suggest..... yes just next to that...."ok thanks".... so off I go in the direction of his finger and the building I described... after much asking of others I eventually find the place that I was looking for, it was 3 streets behind the area that he was pointing at !!!!! This hasn't happened just the once... this is all the time.
There's no "turn left at the bank then right by the bakers and its on your left" none of just have to follow the finger !!!

I don't know where I would go if he scratched his bum !!!!!

Anyway I hope you all had a nice weekend, we will hear about Anne's tomorrow with a bit of luck.


Anonymous said...

Hi Gerard, glad to hear your feeling much better, and you can enjoy the rest of your weeks stay in the Phils. I emailed Helen as I was curious to know what (Helen in the dairy was all about) I'm thinking she's hardly over the door what is she doing in the dairy.. I read her blog and now I realize it must be a show you both watch..(my nose was bothering me) I was telling Gary (Gerry back in the Phils) is up and running again, so you will hear from him soon...I must give the Globetrotter a call (Anne) to hear how her weekend in Ireland went..we are thinking on going to Scotland in September sometime, see some of the scenery, I've only been a few days in Scotland in the last 7 years, which was last year, I've been in England 3 times, so it will be a nice change, all going well...before I forget Gerard, I did'nt know you could speak French, and I thought I was the only one, maybe we should blog each other in French from now on.. Well Gerard it's Sunday afternoon it's a beautiful day so I am going to sit out on the deck and read and relax... will talk to you soon, take care, look after your wee self, love your wee sister Mary.

gerry said...

Hi mary, Yes I'm ok no problem. Ahh so you didn't know about Helen and her dairy !!
Yes hope to hear from Gary and that he and his family are doing well.

I might catch up with you in Sept then if you visit.

I don't speak french it's just that deja vous was adapted into the English language many years ago as were lots of words and vice versa... but I did have 2 french girlfriends in the 70's and spent a lot of time in Paris with them, I stayed in the old Bastille area.

So have you learned French since you have lived there ??