Friday, 1 August 2008

Friday 2pm

well yesterday I had a pain in my head.... not the usual headache.... more of " I think my head is going to explode" type...... each time I had to sit down as the pain was so bad. I have since seen a doctor and had the usual tests done, the result is that I now suffer from hypertension ( high blood pressure) and have been told that I will probably be on these tablets for the rest of my life !!

The doc's consultation was only 200 pesos ( £2.20) for each of my 2 visits, the lab charged me 1880pesos ( £ 21) for all the tests but the tablets cost me 3500 pesos ( £ 40). Plus the usual......... will have to reduce my alcohol intake, fatty foods, salt and smoking..... luckily I don't touch the last 2 and probably surprisingly to a lot of people I don't eat fatty foods often either. I have always done excercise all my life but since my knees have given up on me this year, it's more difficult to play badminton but I will manage something.... this is the downward spiral that a lot of people hit when they get past 50 !!!

Other than that life is good !!!!

It's very hot today here in Ozamiz, even the locals don't like it... lots of them go to bed in the afternoon for a siesta.

I done my good deed for today (actually yesterday), I bought a family 4 mats to sleep on, they normally sleep on the floor, one of them is 9 months pregnant (no don't look at me !) but still sleeps on the floor... I had to do something, you can buy these mats here which are a cross between a mat and a mattress.... not the old joke about between a mister and a matress is a mistress !!! anyway I hope they all enjoyed their first comfortable sleep..... or did they..... they are so used to the floor that they may not like them !!!

UPDATE.. I have just learned that they are too hot for them... the mats are sort of a plastic surface.... oh well I guess I will have to buy some cotton sheets to go with them.

I also bought a little boy a bike.... he could never have one as his parents are very poor..... I could never have a bike when I was a kid so I wanted to sort of put that right in a way by helping a kid to have one....... his face was a picture...well worth it... I must take a photo of him.

They loved the clothes that I brought for them, they were all shared out through the families, some of them were in town so I invited them to eat with me, 2 had my shirts on and 2 had on shirts that my sister Anne provided....they were all very happy.

I was invited to go to the beach today but it was simply too hot and sticky... so I plumped for the air con instead.


Anonymous said...

Hi gerard, that was a shock,and your here to tell the tale,it could have been much worse,and now you will have to cut down on some of your favourite things, like the one that starts with W.anyway i am glad you feel better and hope it continues.keep in Helen.

gerry said...

Hi Helen, thanks for the message... so good that you sent it twice !!
It was no big deal just high BP, yes I will have to be more aware of what I put in my mouth from now on.

Everything in moderation I guess.