Tuesday, 19 August 2008

Oooppss stupid me !!!

This morning I visited the KLM offices in downtown Makati, they have their office on the 39th floor of a very prestigious building, they have special lifts that only go from the ground floor to the 39th and above non stop, it took only 20 seconds to go 39 floors !!

I was dealt with quickly and they kindly changed my flight form the 24th to the 25th and even booked me on the exact seat that I wanted.

Back to my hotel and booked my flights to and from Hong Kong, I wanted to go to HK on Saturday afternoon and return on the last flight Sunday evening which is 9.40pm getting back to Manila at 11.35pm. This ticket was US$ 650 but if I left on the Friday and returned on the Sunday it's ony US$ 400.... so obviously I took that deal. This all means that I will arrive in Manila just before midnight then onto my hotel for a quick sleep and then return to the airport for my flight home to the UK..... well done I thought to myself...... :-)

Then later that day as I was sitting having a coffee....... the penny dropped........... Hong Kong to London is 2 hours faster....Duh !!.... and it would mean I could just stay overnight in HK then fly home from there in the morning..... no flying back to Manila and then rushing to my hotel at midnight then rush back to the airport for my flight home.

So tomorrow I'm goingt to the KLM offices again to see if I can fly home from Hong Kong instead of Manila...... why didn't I think of that before..... the old brain is on it's way out !!

I went to buy 2 magicmics today for 2 members of my family, they are karaoke mikes for anyone that doesn't know. There are other mikes on the market now that do the same thing but they are not the well known one which is call "wow" magicmics. Anyway I visits this one shop and the male assisstant tries to sell me the other type, now I have no problem with them I have no doubt they are as good as "wow" but they are not "wow" and that's what my family expects, he shows me the one in the window, I say but they are not the same.... he says "they are the same".... I say again... no really they are not the same.... he again says "they're the same".... ok I say but they are not as I walk away.... when I was about 5 yards away I could hear him say quietly " they're the same".... it made me laugh ;-)

After buying them I decided to get a taxi home as it was just far too hot to walk, I got into a cab and the driver puts his meter on without me asking... 10 brownie points so far..... then he took 2 turns that were taking us in the opposite direction of where I am staying... he was really shocked when I said, it's best if you turn left here, go up to Ayala avenue, turn right into Makati Avenue at the Peninsular and then straight up for a mile to Burgos street..... he gasped and then said... sorry I don't know Makati very well..... ok right...... my 7 months stay here was worthwhile with these drivers !!!!

Hope you all have a nice day..... I'm just wasting time now until I fly to Hong Kong on Friday.


Anonymous said...

Hi Gerard,

It is unusual for you not to think things through, I think you were thinking of your friend. I couldn't understand why you were flying back to Manila from Hong Kong as there are as many flights , if not more from Hong Kong and as you said 2 hrs less flying. Hope you can change them.

Thanks for getting the mikes but it sounds as though you have had problems.

The taxi drivers cant pull the wool over your eyes, that's the benefit of being there for 7 months.

Well Gerard, I hope you have a wonderful time in Hong Kong and I shall hear all about it soon.

Take care

Your fav sister

Anne xxxxxxxxxxx

gerry said...

Hi Anne, yes i just didn't see it, I was so focused on changing the date that changing my departure city never entered my mind.

No problems with the mics... not yet anyway !!

I will report on my time in Hong Kong on my return, I will try and pop up with the mikes on Saturday the 30th if possible.

Anonymous said...

Hi Gerard, that's good, you are now able to go to Hong Kong, as that seemes to be the highlight of your trip, I know there is someone there you want to visit, have you been to Hong Kong before? I guess you have a lot to pack in, as you are on your last week, so just ENJOY! hope you get your flight changed around, without being too costly. Those taxi drivers are something else, I guess you know the place like the back of your hand, you could get a wee job as a tourist guide..will you still be blogging while you are there, or will you be too busy...so Gerard have fun in Hong Kong, take good care of yourself, safe journey home, will keep checking your blog. love from your favourite sister, (not Anne dont listen to her, she's away with the fairies.) it's me - Mary xxxx

gerry said...

Hi Mary, no I haven't been to Hong Kong before and it's going to be a flying visit this time.

No I don't think I will be posting while I'm there. I won't be taking my laptop, I'm leaving that here in Manila,I want to travel light.