Saturday, 16 August 2008

10pm Saturday

Well I didn't go to Hong Kong which is sad as I am so close to it here in the Phils and I have never been there, but I wasn't at my best this morning so I just stayed in bed most of the day.

I think the next week will just be rest until I board the plane to go home next Sunday.

I forget to mention that about a week ago I had a wonderful 2 hour massage in Cebu... and the cost for this wonderful relaxing experience was........ £3.50.... can you believe that.. when I go for a sports massage at home it costs me £25/30 for 30 mins !!!!

I've also had a foot spa and foot massage, that really makes me fall asleep, I woke during the last one with a snore !!!!

I have been here for 3 weeks and haven't touched a badminton racket or even met my old friends in Manila yet, I haven't seen much of hte olympics either.

I hope you all are having a great August.....


Anonymous said...

Hi Gerard, hope you are feeling a bit better, nothing worse, feeling not well and so far away from home. I tried to call you, I tried your cell number (nothing) I called 07956407744 probably thats an old number, if you get the chance send me your number...It's unfortunate this happened, but you will just have to take it easy, and relax, maybe you could go for a massage each day..that would be nice and relaxing for you..Did you take all the medication and stuff you need to take before leaving Britain to go into these foreign countries..when you get back you will need a complete physical to get to the bottom of this.. keep in touch Gerard, hope you feel a bit better each day, I will call you if you give me the number, or you call soon, love Mary. xxxx

gerry said...

Hi Mary, yes i'm fine. that number is my cell phone in the UK, I don't use it here in the phils, my cell phone number here is (your Int dialling code) then 63 919 490 2955 but don't waste your money it's cheaper toemail me on

I don't take any medication before I come here, the side effects from the anti malaria tablets are worse than the chances of catching Malaria so I don't take them. Don't think....oh that's stupid you should take all the pills.... yes if you want to be a zombie for yur vacation then take them, but I have weighed up the risks and NOT taking them is best.

I just have been affected by the food and water thats all, it saps your strength. Don't worry I'm ok so much so that I am about to go out for a BIG breakfast.

Anonymous said...

Hi gerard, I have already commented on your thursday blog then I stopped to watch something on tv put the lid down on the comp but not fully down, next thing nothing was there,and it was pretty late, so this is me commenting now, but I only saidthe same as Anne & Mary , so I dont think you want to hear it all again. The sad thing is oweing to the way you feel, you probably have'nt enjoyed your holiday as much as the last one but you will have to get your health sorted out before you go back again. I am beginning to doubt,that it is your BP and it is the food&the heat,maybe you will have to take your own sandwiches with you in future.(joke)I see the wee barra is back on the scene again,just when your nearly home,better late than never,Im going off now to watch BB,stuart went out on friday, now there is talk that Mickey could win it,but things change so fast,who knows.hope you feel better in the short time you have left, and you have a long journey to get home,so hope you get through it alright.LOL HELEN.

gerry said...

Hi Helen, thanks for popping in, better late than never.

Although I haven't been as well as I would have liked it hasn't been that bad. I have met some nice people and it looks good for the future.

I can't believe that Mikey (not Mickey) has any chance of winning, his squeaky annoying voice would drive anyone to suicide, how he hasn't been evicted yet I will never know.
I guess it will finish before I get home on Sunday.