Sunday, 10 August 2008

Sunday 9am

I had an interesting Saturday at Bob (Mindanao Bob) Martin's home. This was his seminar on how to earn online.... very interesting indeed. Most of these get rich with this or that, I take with a pinch of salt but Bob is extremely well known for his blogs and has lived in the Phils for over 10 years now. 100% of his earnings is made online.

He has obviously done well, he was involved with ebay as a business and was earning £15k per month but has now stopped that because he felt that there were easier legit ways to make money online..... so how is he doing now...... well it must be good if you can stop one business that pays you that much per month.

This is not a get rich quick scheme, but you will earn money if you do the right things, we all know about "pay per click" from google adsense but there are so many other ways and Bob has refined them to a "T". Bobs website gets 2 million hits per month !!

He is a really nice guy and an intelligent businessman, everything he said makes sense and he is the living proof that it works. I am more interested in the blogging side of things so we shall see how it works in the future. The seminar gave me purpose to go to Davao and meet Bob.

I never knew that there are people online on ebay making millions of pounds per month..... can you believe it !! its there in black and white..... if I didn't hate ebay so much I would try it myself in a very small way of course.

hope you all are having a great weekend.................

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