Monday, 4 August 2008

Monday midnight

I arrived in Cebu with no problems. I am staying in a nice hotel in the centre of the city. There isn't a lot to see here but it's still a good city to walk around. It is very hot, so hot that I have to keep in an aircom room.... I am not used to this heat now that I have been away from the phils for a few months.

You wouldn't believe it but here in Cebu foreigners are looked upon highly..... so much so that I had 2 pairs of girls ( about 20/25) follow me around trying to attract my attention........... not a good reason to get involved.... I just ignore them as best as I can.... I am not stupid !!!!

I am going out with a couple of friends tomorrow and with other friends on Wednesday, I have booked my flight to Davao for Friday.

By the way, if you noticed the pregnant lady in the picture below, she had a baby boy today !!

hope you all have a great Tuesday...........


Anonymous said...

Hi Gerard,
Is this hotel better than the one in Mindanao, it can only get better.

How is your BP, the heat wont be helping it. It takes a while to climatise yourself to those temperatures. You will be ok by the time your coming home.....

Just you ignore those girls, you're a good catholic boy!!!!!!!

Enjoy your nights out with your friends I bet the time is going quickly you will be home before you know it.

You've still got a few days in Cebu then a couple of nights in Davao.

What day do you get back?

Speak to you soon.
Anne xx

Anonymous said...

Hi gerard,glad to hear you are feeling so much better, but you will have to be carefull concerning your health and keep your eye on your BP.maybe your problem is the females following you around, again you willhave to be carefull, this is the 70 year old talking so take have lost your bet, Luke in BB went out on friday, just as well it was a verbal one.LOL HELEN.

gerry said...

Hi Anne yes this is a 4 star hotel and really nice, I am very happy here.
Yes I can ignore the girls that are on the lookout for a foreigner... it's the other ones that I find difficlut to resist :-)
Yes I had a great time out with my friends on Tuesday and today as well.

why are asking when I get back !!!! I'veonly just got here.... give me a break !!

Yes it is a real problem having attractive young woman following you around... I guess it could be worse !!!

Cant believe Luke left, he was the winner for me... big time !!!!