Monday, 11 August 2008

Monday 1pm

I'm in the mall typing this as I wait for my flight at 5pm to Cebu.

The Philippines air force ( which consists of 2 planes) bombed part of Mindanao yesterday. There are also elections in Mindanao today, during elections people are always killed so it's good that I'm leaving this island today.

I was out for a meal last night at Gerry's grill.. apt or what !!.... anyway across the road was a carnival, some call it a fayre or in Glasgow it's known as the shows !! don't ask me why !! It was a real deathtrap of a place, nothing would pass with a safety certificate in the UK. There were lots of street kids there asking me for money as usual, I refused but I decided to treat them all to free rides, their faces were a picture and it was well worth it, I didn't go on the rides myself... far too dangerous for me. After 2 rides I was aware of being too conspicuous, too many people began to take notice and chat with me.... time to leave... you have to be so careful in these places, guys see you with money and become interested, 1 guy did follow me as I was leaving but I am always aware of my surroundings and whoever is near me, so I turned back and he did the same but I just stopped and then as he passed I left safely, he may have been innocent but better to be safe than sorry. of course I was also aware that it is not good to be seen around children but sometimes you just have to help out.... its hard not to love the smile that you get from a kid when you give them something that they normally can't have.

I have mentioned before on my blog, when I was 5 or 6 years old, an ice cream seller gave me a free ice cream when I was sitting on the pavement, I had no money so he made me smile... I think he enjoyed doing it... he has passed that feeling onto me.

well I hope you all have a great begining to your week.... thanks Anne for your texts.... but don't keep reminding me of my return...... please.... :-)


Anonymous said...

Hi Gerard,

How bad was the bombing in Mindanao, was anyone hurt, was it near where you were staying, just as well you've left

I bet you thought you were in the shows in Glasgow especially with Gerry's grill across the road but of course we wouldnt have the sun and the heat.

Nice to see their wee faces when you have treated them, it also makes you feel good.

Is that why you were always sitting on the edge of the pavement were you waiting on the ice cream van,now I know the reason.

Just wanted to check that you are back before the 29th August as I might be looking for a bed, dont know yet it all depends on the train times.

Take care

Anne xxxx

Anonymous said...

Hi gerard, I have just finished watching bb, Mickey was kicking off in the dairey room, and his voice grates on you,but he is still there, Dale went out on friday,another surprise.I am glad you have left Mindanao,it sounds pretty dangerouse.Whats in Cebu that you fancy or have you got friends there to see,and how long for.And the showes in glasgow I must say,were a lot safer than the ones in Mindanao,but I dont know if it would be the same now,Idont think so.I will say bye for now.LOL HELEN.Stay safe.

gerry said...

Hi Anne, the papers said that 1 soldier was killed along with 15 insurgents.
Yes I am back before the 29th unfortunetly !! I arrive back on the 24th and of course you are more than welcome to stay over and I will treat you to a meal.... outside... not at home !!

Hi Helen, so Mikey was in the dairy room... was he drinking milk or eating cheese :-) His voice grates on me soooooooooo much that I can't begin to tell you !!!
Shocked that luke and dale were given the spanish archer !!
Yes I have friends here in Cebu but the important one has moved to Hong Kong.... but that's life. Though I may visit there next weekend.