Monday, 18 August 2008

Monday 10pm

Well it was a real scorcher today, I couldn't stay out there for long.... so just had to be wherever the air con was.

Today is a holiday in the Phils so I couldn't do any of the things that I wanted to get done.

Tomorrow (Tuesday) I'm going to the KLM office here in Manila to see if I can change my return date to the Monday instead of the Sunday. If I can then I will fly to Hong kong on Saturday and return to Manila late on Sunday night ready for my long flight the next morning. I want to spend the day with a friend in HK.

It's lucky that I am not in Ozamiz today as there was a gunfight there between the military and the MILF ( the bad guys), I was sent a text today by friends there telling me all about it and then I also saw it on the TV news.... 28 people died, 23 were civilians.

I walked past and then into an "English " bar here in Makati, I have never noticed it before, from the outside it did look like an English pub, the sign for food on the door offered cottage pie.... good so far.... entered and they had Kilkenny and boddingtons..... wow this is neat..... yes it had British beer and British food which was nice but unfortunately on the bad side it also had Brits drinking there too.... now that really spoiled it all... the same losers that you can meet in lots of pubs all over the UK. Standing there having 1 pint endorsed why I want to leave the UK..... stupid conversation and lots of swear words to emphasise their education level.

Sorry it's worn me down over the years...

Have a nice start to the week


Anonymous said...

Hi Gerard,

I'M BACK, your favourite sister don't let that Mary one think she taking over late in the day just because she's back on the computer.

We had a great time in Ireland they always welcome you or it might be that Keith is sponsoring them. The weather was awful but the actual cricket game was fine, it was 40 overs each and wasn't any interruptions because of rain.It was supposed to be played in Donnamaragh but was changed to Coleraine at the last minute which was further for us to drive.

The hotel was great, we were really looked after. Ate too much and drank too much but not to worry thats all part and parcel of a wee weekend away.

They seem to have lots of holidays in the phils are they religious hols or something to do with the government?

Hope you can manage to go to HK and see your friend she looks very nice.

Glad you're not in Ozamiz with all that fighting you might have thought you were back in Possil......

So you enjoyed the English pub with the english food and drink but not the people, well you can take the people out of england but you cant take the english out of the people.

Hope you are feeling a bit better but it would be best if you got checked out when you get home.

Take care


Anne (of course your favourtite sister) xxxxxxxxxxx

gerry said...

Hi Anne, So you're back, from outer space.. don't turn around now cos you're not welcome any more.... sorry you're words got the better of me and the old "I will survive" came to mind !!!

So you had a nice weekend of being spoiled, well that's good as it is a nice feeling.. I know as I have it every day here.

Sorry I'm not sure which type of holiday it was yesterday.

Well I am going to KLM shortly I guess it just depends on the flights all working out for me..yes she is very nice.

Well I won't be too biased against the English, I just called them Brits as it could have been Scots, Welsh or the Irish but in fact they were English :-)

Thanks I am feeling ok especially as I stopped taking those HBP tablets a couple of days ago.