Wednesday, 20 August 2008

Thursday 3.30am

Yesterday morning (Wednesday) I returned to the KLM offices to change my ticket departure from Manila to Hong Kong....... alas the hong kong flight to London is fully booked... oh well that's life.

After returning from there I went straight to bed as I woke up with a fever, headache, sore throat and cough. I got some tablets to help and basically I have done nothing since. You would think with all the illnesses that I contract here that I would hate it.... but I don't.... if I lived here again my body would adjust as before. It has already started to as the mozzies leave me alone now.... I wonder why that is !! Any mozzie experts out there ?

I just stayed in bed all day and night dozing in and out of sleep... it's a wonderful feeling.... as long as you don't fell sick at the same time. I just woke up and thought I'd better post on my blog as Anne comes online around midnight UK time ( 7am here) and she will have a hairy if I haven't posted :-) ....Joking Anne...

I forgot to mention yesterday that when I went shopping for the magicmics I managed to get an even better price in a shop in Glorietta as I offered cash.... their eyes lit up when I mentioned that I want the 18000 complete, another mike and 2 chips, they gave me a price and I said I would come back if I couldn't get better elsewhere. When I returned the assistant and the manager were in the shop watching me walk towards them, when they realised that I was coming back they looked really excited.... or maybe it was just my good looks....... ok.... ok.... stop was the good sale !!
Anyway what that means is even if I have to pay customs duty the extra saving of £23 will soften the blow.


Anonymous said...

Hi Gerard,

Thats bad luck not being able to change your ticket, never mind. Hope you're feeling better and rest before you fly to Hong Kong.

I actually went online in my office today and you hadnt blogged, I didnt have a hairy fit (I couldnt, not in the middle of the office) I just said to myself Gerard has something better to do as I realised you would be going to the KLM offices.

Thats a fantastic price you got the mikes for, I think it was your good looks they got excited about.

Hope you feel better soon and enjoy your trip to Hong Kong, give Aileen my regards.


Anne xxxxx

Anonymous said...

Hi Gerard, hope you are well for the big trip to Hong Kong, by the way who is Aileen, and I never did find out about Helen in the dairy, I feel as if I am out of the loop here, I dont know these names, (just being my usual nosey self) that was a pity the Hong Kong flight was fully booked, it sounded a bright idea, oh well at least you dont have to pack all your stuff and take it with you..Do you think you would still like to retire to the Phils, it would be a nice change and if you dont settle, you can always come back to Bonnie Scotland, (I dont think so.. says Gerard have a wonderful trip to Hong Kong , will be thinking of you, take good care of yourself, talk soon. love from your big sister Mary.xxxx

Anonymous said...

Hi Gerard, sorry your flight could'nt be changed again,but maybe the way you have been feeling lately your brain is not as sharp as your USUAL,and that is why you got it a bit you are not well again,a bit worrying, but I hope you feel a bit better for your flights home.I am making this my last post,and I willspeak to you when you get home.LOL HELEN.

gerry said...

Hi Anne, Thanks for the comments. I feel ok with taking these tabs, I will enjoy my trip to HK if I ever get there.

Hi Mary, Aileen is a friend in HK.
Anne has been doing her detective work.
Yes I still believe that I would like to retire here but maybe for only 9/10 months per year. Returning to Scotland... well there are 2 chances of that....none and absolutely none !!!

Hi Helen, Yes I will be ok for my flight home.
You have decided to make this your last comment.... it's supposed to be me that says that... is it that much hard work !!!