Tuesday, 12 August 2008

Tuesday 8pm (1pm UK time)

Well I left Davao yesterday at 3pm, as I was leaving the hotel, I noticed that above the normal 2 armed security guards we also had 2 soldiers with machine guns... so it does pay to stay in a 5 star hotel sometimes. I guess this was because of the elections, if you are going to blow up something... it's best if it's a government building or a tourist hotel..... I blew a raspberry as I left ;-)

I'm getting back into the swing of things again, it's taken me over 2 weeks but I guess that's reasonable. The heat isn't so bad now and I feel more comfortable with my surroundings, I even had my very first ride in a jeepney.

I've decided to stay in Cebu for another couple of days then I am going to Manila at least for 1 night. I am finding it difficult to make a decision on where to go next.... I hate to be indecisive... well I think so anyway !! ... maybe I am maybe I'm not ;-)

You know that I always tell you about how mad they are on texting here, I don't think that I have ever mentioned before some of the asides regarding them. You can have unlimited texts for 24 hours for 20 pesos.... they all use that including me, you simply text "unli20" to 258 and hey presto you have unlimited texts for 24 hours, really very good value. Then you can send someone a load (credit) if you want... 10p, 30p or 60pesos..... you simply put their cell number in a text with the amount and then send it to 808...... they take the amount off from your load and give it to the recipient......neat eh !!

I hope you all had a great Tuesday..... Anne where is our Mary ???


Anonymous said...

Hi Gerard,

It feels as though you have been gone a long time. Glad you are back in Cebu, sorry your friend has gone to Hong Kong are you going there for a few days, how long does it take?
How do you pay the 20 pesos for your mobile phone, do you have a card?

Can you send me a load and I will txt you everday.

Mary isnt on the computer at the moment but is looking for a laptop as we speak, she will comment on your post as soon as she is online. Just as well I havent been away or no-one would be commenting on your posts, sorry I forgot Helen in the dairy.

I am going away this weekend to Ireland to see a cricket match which Keith sponsors. Hope the weather is good.

Take care have a good day

Anne xxx

gerry said...

Hi Anne, I may go to Hong Kong I'm not sure yet. It only takes 2 hours.

You can buy a card for 50,100, 200,300 or 500. Then you simply text the number from the card to the company and it is credited to your phone. Sorry it only works in the Phils.

No problem with Mary, yes Helen and Mikey in the dairy... both getting cheesed off !!!! pardon the pun !!

You will enjoy your weekend.... presumably you will be going shopping as you are not a cricket lover.