Saturday, 2 August 2008

Saturday 9am

After seeing the doc 3 times yesterday I didn't do very much else really, Just rested mostly in my room but did manage to buy some sheets and pillows for those mats. I am invited again to go to the beach again today. As I have to drop the sheets off anyway I might as well go although it is very hot and it is still only morning.

Ozamiz is a strange city, some guys here are walking around with 2' machetes, it's no big deal here as it is a tool of their trade, if you walked around like that in London, you would have armed police on you in a few mins.

Well I have now returned from the beach, below is a couple of pics.

This is lunch in our beach hut.

This is the beach hut, 75p to hire
for the day.

The ladies sorting out the food.

Kids are the same the world over,
give them an old inner tube, the
ocean and they are happy !!

I must admit I am missing the text match !! It sounds like their could be a very interesting end to it !!

I fly to Cebu tomorrow morning on the 8am flight so I will have to have an early night.

hope you all have a nice weekend.........


Anonymous said...

Hi Gerard,

Glad you're feelong a bit better and your HBP is under control. If you adjust your lifestyle a little bit you will be ok (from one who knows).
Your beach photos are great, its nice to see them all enjoying themselves they always look so happy.
Good that the tshirts are being used and also the little boy with the bik must have thought all his christmasses had come at once. Good on you.....
The test match is going well, Keith is quiet at the moment so cant interupt to find out the score.

Just heard SA need 242 to win and they are 11 for no wicket.
Hope all goes well in Cebu, is that were you're meeting Mindanao Bob. Do you fly back to Manila and then UK, or can you fly from Cebu?

Take care hope all goes well, will keep in touch.

Anne xxx

gerry said...

Hi Anne, the truth is I don't feel better and it isn't under control as I don't what it is now.

Yes they enjoy the beach and they like the shirts.

Alas South Africa won which has spoiled my morning somewhat.

I'm just leaving now for the airport to go to Cebu, after that then it's Davao then I don't know where !!!!