Friday, 15 August 2008

Midnight Friday

I'm back in Manila now. As I haven't been feeling well I have just rested in bed most of the day and night.

So there is not much to report I'm afraid.

I was hoping to visit Hong Kong tomorrow but decided against it, I will see how I feel tomorrow.

Hope you all have a great weekend......


Anonymous said...

Hi Gerard,

Sorry to hear that you still feel unwell. I think it will be the pills but it takes time to get the right one for you. Now you are back in Manila can you see a doctor, will it cost you quite a bit.

Was about to txt you when I realised that it would be 6 oclock in the morning, so decided against it.

You have been unwell for a large part of this holiday, hope it hasnt spoilt it for you.

I am off to Ireland for a couple of days so I shall leave you in Helens and maybe Marys safe hands.

Take care and please look after yourself.



ps I had my BP taken today and it was very good but I have been on the pill for almost 40 years, I have one which agrees with me but it is trial and error.

Anonymous said...

Hi Gerard, it's me! your FAVOURITE sister - Mary (please dont tell me it's Anne)!!! I didn't know you were going back to the Phils so soon, you must really enjoy it there! we will be looking forward to reading your blog each day, must tell Gary you are back blogging again. I just got my new laptop, its a Toshiba, I've been without a computer for 7 months, and its amazing the free time you have, (did'nt miss it) I think Anne missed me not emailing she says....So Gerard you seem to be really enjoying yourself once again, and on the move once again, it's like De'Ja Vu' which is French for experiences or situations that have occurred before..hope you manage to fit in all the trips you have planned. Take good care of yourself and watch your blood pressure, the top reading is the systolic and the bottom reading is the diastolic, ( which is the one you have to watch more) systolic is the maximum pressure in blood vessels when your heart beats, and the diastolic - minimum pressure in blood vessels when your heart relaxes between beats.. so you are a bit on the high side, listen to me Nurse O'Brien here! just looking after my wee Bruthher!! take care of yourself Gerard, and I will be looking in on you tomorrow to see what you are up to.. ttyl in case you forgot (talk to you later) your favourite sister, of course,---Mary xxxx

gerry said...

Hi Anne, No doctors here are not expensive but as always as I am a foreigner it costs a little more. I saw a doctor today...not about the HBP.... it cost me £8 + £10 for some tablets...... medicine is expensive here, there is lots of corruption in that business, lots of people have to get their cut before it reaches you.
6am texting, yes just a little early for me.

No, getting ill in the Phils is normal for me, I will be able to deal with the water and heat just as I come home !!

Enjoy your holiday in Ireland, let us know all about it here first !!

Hi Mary, long time no hear from !!
So you got a new laptop and you didn't miss your computer, I would feel like my leg had been chopped off if I had to do without mine for more than a day !!

Hey Mary this is your intelligent brother here, you know the one that went to St. Augustines... I know what deja vous means :-)

Yes this HBP stuff is annoying me, I'm not sure if I really have HBP, most of the readings show average of 130/85+, whether I take the tabs or not !!
I just dont know what to do about it all, you start to get paranoid, if it's over 90 when I am resting does that mean that I cant play any sport or have any vigerous exercise.... but when I used to go to the gym my readings (during exercise) obviously sometimes was very high.
I will have to learn a lot more about it.

TTFN (TTYL ?) I thought it was tata for now... by the way I now a girl called Tata here.