Friday, 8 August 2008

Saturday 1.15am

Thursday evening was nice, I spent it at the home of friends in the suburbs of Cebu, I am very lucky as I do get invites to spend time with the locals which is what travelling is all about.... luckily my personality gets on with people and thats why it works out for me.

Thursday night 11.30pm I am entering my hotel after my night out, this Brit is in front of me, he is old (60 +) very skinny and a bit shifty if you ask me, I seen him in the bar one night and tried to smile but thankfully he didn't respond, he is with 2 young "ladies", the hotel is a 5 star so they are careful about who they let in. As I was waiting for the elevator I was watching him as most people were, I heard him say to the receptionists " she is my girlfriend and she is my friend"..... right ... ok... I bet if someone had asked he wouldn't have known their names... they were nice girls but obviously the"working" type..... he was ambitious bringing 2 home !!!! better man than me that's for sure !!!

Thursday night 11pm said goodnight to my special friends, 8.30am Friday I left my hotel to go to Davao, I arrived in my Davao hotel at 1pm, I am in the Marco polo it is VERY expensive but nice. I have spent most of the day in my room as it is soooooooooooooooo very hot outside. It is now 2am Saturday, I am going to a seminar with "Mindanao Bob" at 3 pm today and am looking forward to it.

My special friend is leaving at 4am today to go to Hong Kong to work so I will get ready for the texts.

I hope you all have a great weekend..............

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gerry said...

Hi Anne, thanks for your comments.

I am attending his seminar on earning money online.

It just really gives me a purpose to visit Davao and meet him.

In saying that he has done very well from the net..... mostly just blogging. It's all about ads etc, getting traffic to your site.

I always enjoy listening to someone that knows the subjet that they are talking about.