Friday, 22 August 2008

Typhoon in Hong Kong !!!!!!

Sorry but I didn't post last night. It's now 1pm Friday, my flight was at 2.50pm but all flights in and out of Hong Kong have been cancelled today. I was lucky to get rebooked on the 6am flight Saturday.
So it is going to be a whirlwind weekend in Hong Kong, I arrive Saturday morning after litttle sleep and I leave Sunday night in time to get back to Manila for Midnight. Hopefully I will be in my hotel room before 1am as I have to leave again at 7am latest which of course means getting up at 6am !!!!.......... this world traveling business isn't easy you know ..........

This will probably be one of my last posts before I leave Asia, Iwill probably post one more time and that will be early Monday morning at Manila airport lounge.

Hope you all have a great........ but less hectic.... weekend than I....!!

UPDATE My flight has been changed again to 1.30pm on Saturday now.


Anonymous said...

hI Gerard, it's Friday afternoon Canadian time, so I guess you will be either sleeping or maybe getting up soon to make your way to the airport.. I did hear on the news on Wednesday about the Typhoon hitting Hong Kong on hopefully you will miss it..I suppose the airports will be packed with all the Olypians coming home with their medals..hope you have a great time and will be hearing from you soon, that`s if you can find the time after your hectic weekend, you will be exhausted by the time you catch your flight for home...but it will all be worth it. will talk soon, take care, love from your most favourite sister Mary xxx

Anonymous said...

Hi Gerard,

Missed your post yesterday. By the time you get to Hong Kong you will be thinking was it worth all the work, just remember you're no teenager. Hope you manage to get there tomorrow afternoon. Why are they changing the flight so often, will you get a refund if its not worth your while flying. At the rate of changes you will be flying out as you are due to come back to manila, hope there are no more changes.

Do you want me to txt you as I am going to bed on Sunday, I could txt you about 11 oclock which is 6 am your time, in case you sleep in.

Hope you have a great weekend or day in Hong Kong. Speak to you soon.



gerry said...

Hi Mary, I'm now home in London, it's 1am Tuesday and I have a lot to write about so visit again soon.
My flight on friday was cancelled because of the typhoon.

Hi Anne, I have already spoken to you on the phone tonight, as Mary visit later for an update.